Our Mission

To provide a complete blueprint for coaches at all levels of the game to implement an offense which is fun to teach, develops the skills required for modern basketball, and most importantly, delivers results.

The Story

The roots of this offense extend back to 2015, when Alex Sarama started coaching in his hometown of Guildford, England. The BDT Offense is an offense which combines the latest trends and style of play concepts from the highest levels of the game, with the science of motor learning and skill acquisition. This ensures the offense can be taught and retained in THE most effective way possible.

Alex has gone through the struggle of “figuring it out”, producing the BDT Offense so that you as a coach don’t have to make the same mistakes. Coaching in multiple places all over the world, Alex has tweaked and adapted this offense constantly over the last decade to produce this final project. Alex has experienced many of the highs and lows of coaching, learning lessons from every stop and including these within the BDT Offense.

Both the theory of the offense and how to teach it through the Basketball Immersion approach of using small-sided games, a constraints-based approach and much more is provided in efficient and easily digestible course-based learning modules. One of the main struggles Alex encountered in creating this offense was adopting a philosophy and style of play which was easy to understand, and easily-scaleable across an entire program or club. During his travels, something that stood out was often a lack of clarity and vision across programs, with different concepts being used at each age group. Rather than having ten teams in a club playing in a similar way, we often see ten teams playing like ten different clubs. The BDT Offense is therefore the complete solution for clubs and high schools to create a shared style of play across the whole program, allowing players to easily transition up the age groups as they grow up within the program.

This offense is not a cookie cutter “DVD Offense.” You won’t find “layers” within this based on actions which have zero relevance and transfer at the next level, such as pass and cut. Instead everything you will find here is carefully designed and included to help players do the things which they will need if they ever make it to the next level. This is an offense incredibly effective for High Schools, Clubs, Colleges and even Professional Teams.

We sincerely hope to welcome you into the BDT Community,

working together to change the way players and coaches experience the game!

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