What BDT Offense coaches are saying...
Marcus Wilson
feedback_locationKentlake HS, Washington, USA

The BDT Offense is an excellent resource Alex has put together. It helped immensely to have a vocabulary and concepts to refer to for practice and game purposes. I benefited from being able to utilize the information provided in our game plans. Specifically, being able to come up with plan A,B,C contingencies that were linked to what we practiced. The triggers that we primarily used were Gets, Pick and Roll, and Screen Aways. I was surprised how quickly some of the varsity players picked up “twisting” the screen. Gets were a staple for us as keeps and handoffs were particularly helpful.

feedback_locationHalifax, Canada

Rule-based offenses are rigid with a set movement solution based on the position of the ball, other teammates and the spacing alignment eg. pass, cut, replace. It is a ‘you must’ way of playing with no space for what happens if players are in different situations or spacings. The BDT Offense is an amazing alternative to all the traditional offenses, such as read and react, that have limited players for decades.

feedback_locationKronshagen, Germany

I bought the BDT Offense a couple of weeks ago and already incorporated a lot of the ideas and concepts into my training. I am still amazed by the depth and detail it offers! I like to give my players more freedom and make them read the situation better vs relying on strict set plays.

feedback_locationNew Zealand

I am so thankful to have been part of the BDT Offense community. It has really supported my coaching practice and also the learning and development of my athletes.

feedback_locationPlano, Texas

The offense and concepts for language and a curriculum have been great. It gives me and the players a plan for the season. Great tool for us.


The course was amazing. I learned a lot about the Offense and how to coach players in new concepts. I will definitely use many pieces of the course.