Join Alex Sarama from Basketball Immersion & hundreds of other coaches to...

Build your conceptual offense from scratch!

Together let’s rebuild your offense from the ground up to tackle some of the biggest difficulties coaches are facing today:

What's included with the BDT Offense?

An online curriculum divided into 25 courses

Over 200 breakdown AND practice videos

Video footage from over 50 different practices

Access from any device, with no downloads

Hey Coach! My name is Alex Sarama and using a conceptual offense has completely changed my vision as a basketball coach.

When I started my coaching journey, I was a young coach growing up in Guildford, England. Back then, I had no idea what a conceptual offense even was and how it would change my coaching. All I knew was that I had to free my players from the chains of repetitive motion and set play offenses which didn’t prepare them for every aspect or system within the game of Basketball.

The next part of my journey included 3 years working with the NBA, where I was fortunate enough to see many forms of basketball all over the world. I am extremely passionate about evidence-informed coaching ideas, and how these can be applied to build modern offensive principles.

Now at Basketball Immersion, I am fortunate enough to travel all over the globe presenting at coaching clinics, running camps and working with coaches of all levels to get them started on their conceptual offense.

And that’s when it hit me… 

Sharing the game is my passion but I only have so many hours in a day and I can only be in one place at a time. It’s my mission to share the ideas I have been fortunate enough to learn with as many coaches as possible.

That’s why I have created the BDT Offense. An online platform where I will teach you how to build your conceptual offense from scratch.

I will give you the tools to develop your players to the best of their potential and give them the basketball education we wish we could have received in our playing days!

What’s Covered in the BDT Offense?

The BDT Offense combines 25 courses with a full library of over 200 videos focussed on both the theory AND how to teach

How the BDT Offense will help you succeed…

1. Alex Sarama… That’s me! I’ve been fortunate to learn from some of the best, applying my own ideas and now sharing the latest on evidence-based coaching with coaches all around the world.

2. ‘How To Teach’ practice clips showing all the small-sided games I use to teach concepts from the BDT Offense to players from all around the world.

3. Course quizzes to help you check for understanding of key material within the BDT Offense. The BDT Offense is all about helping players learn best, and therefore we do the same with our BDT coaches! 

4. Certificates to track your progress and become a certified BDT Offense Coach.

5. Life-time access after a one-off purchase so that you and your team can benefit from the BDT Offense for years to come!


I know I can’t be the only one who didn’t raise my hand for any of these 3 questions! And yet, so many coaches still rely on old offensive ideas which don’t work in the 21st Century.


Players trust us as their coach to give them the best possible basketball education, and not just in some aspects, but in ALL aspects of the game.


Because the BDT Offense gives YOU the opportunity to fulfill and maximize your players’ potential.

The question is…


Will you seize this opportunity?



Enroll now in the BDT Offense and start implementing a
conceptual offense which your players, parents and athletic director will thank you for!

At Basketball Immersion, we stand by our products and our customers. That’s why the BDT Offense is backed by a 7-day satisfaction guarantee. If you’re not satisfied with the training in any way in the first 7 days, we’ll offer you a 100% refund on your purchase. It’s as easy as that.