What are the costs for the BDT Offense?

    The BDT Offense costs $499 for an individual user, which is a one-off cost providing life-time access.

    How do we see the most recent BDT Offense content, as well as interacting with other BDT Offense coaches?

    The BDT Offense page is not something updated by Alex Sarama or Basketball Immersion. Instead, this is a complete resource guide which coaches, clubs and trainers can login to at anytime to refresh knowledge and re-visit particular modules. To see Alex’s latest work, join the Basketball Immersion membership community where Alex and Chris Oliver share new videos and material every week for coaches.

    How can we run a BDT Offense camp?

    Alex and Chris Oliver travel the world running camps. If you would like them to implement the BDT Offense directly with your team, please contact us by filling in the contact form and we will be delighted to share more info!

    Where can I receive more support for using the BDT Offense with my team?

    A unique opportunity is available to a limited number of coaches and teams to work with Alex directly in implementing the BDT Offense. Contact us for info on pricing and availability. Through this program, Alex can go through game and practice film to help take your BDT Offense to the next level!

    What are the Terms and Conditions?

    The full terms and conditions can be viewed here